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My Journey as a Male Massage Therapist

Being a male massage therapist can be an intriguing and unique experience and personally, for me, it has improved my journey of self-realization. Male massage therapists certainly have different difficulties compared to what female therapists face.

Not many people prefer to get massages by a man, let alone even getting a massage at all. I don’t mind who massages me just as long they get the tension out.

This is why I have decided to fill you in on how getting a massage is part of you staying healthy. Because living in a toxic world it’s easy for our minds to go in the gutter, so it’s easy to see the perversion in massage already in today’s society with all the innuendo and jokes surrounding it.

This toxic behavior and perception is connected to arrogance, emotional intelligence, stress, and tension in the body. It is connected to how we were raised. It is connected to the media and movies.

We are forced to be entertained over enlightened. It is part of our human responsibility to know how our own body works so we won’t need to go to a doctor for every sneeze and scratch.

Knowing how this multidimensional body works would help activate a higher consciousness through maintaining optimal healthy homeostasis, but your doctor or teacher wouldn’t exactly tell you that.

You see, depending on how you handle problems reflects on your reality as well as in your body. When there is no routine to start and finish your day or technique to handle stress like yoga, then stress tends to build up more and more day after day, these are where knots or trigger points come from.

Massages become more essential for someone who doesn’t know how to handle stress well, you’ll likely need fewer massages the better you take care of yourself. The massage simply increases circulation removing blockages, and stretching or yoga is what helps keep circulation flowing.

What people don’t notice is that your current habitual patterns have gotten you to this point where you need something to cure it when it is your lifestyle you need to change for you to be cured. But to some people, it’s like saying “Netflix and Chill” because massage is foreplay for them that leads to other things. The face some people make when you mention a massage tells a lot about what that person is thinking and probably needs energy work done more than they think, but I’ll save that for another blog.

In a sex-driven society, massage is already viewed as exotic with its category on porn websites and rub and tug brothels around.

So the health benefits are ignored because of our lower animal nature that over rules the consciousness. You need to be as comfortable as possible in a massage service and the moment you don’t, you have to speak up to improve the quality of therapeutic effects.

It also helps you see how much the therapist is into their work, or if they have other intentions. Let me know your experiences with massages in the comment section.

It’s understandable how it can be weird to have a stranger you’re paying to rub your entire body because some therapists get in a lot of trouble. This would make being self-employed as a massage therapist much more difficult for men, and more dangerous for women. This is why the therapist needs to be more well-known and create a professional presence in the community. This is why I started making more content of my spiritual journey and started a blog.

We all know everything is energy, and massage is the closest contact you will get from another person without being in a relationship. So energy transference is very important from the therapist to the client and visa versa. The therapist must know something about energy within themselves to keep a peaceful atmosphere and not absorb anything from the client.

Our bodies can send and receive messages just like a cell phone through consciousness, intentionally or not.

I’ve massaged people who are so stressed and tensed that they take it out on me like I’m doing something wrong, it is the client’s perception of life that has brought me into their reality, using the same criticism they have in their lives projected onto me. When I asked about any issues during the massage, nothing was wrong. But mentions something to the receptionist, and as a therapist I did all I could to make the service comfortable, some people just like to point the finger and complain.

This is part of the job of being an energy worker. Don’t get upset about problems when your job is to find the solution. Your peace is your foundation, nothing is worth more than your peace. Nothing in this world should disturb your peace. Just like a doctor has sick clients, an energy worker will have all types of low-energy clients. The therapist is the poster child for peace.

You are supposed to be completely relaxed but some like to arm wrestle with me even though they say they’re relaxed. This makes me see how meditation can be such a chore or fantasy for some because it seems like the hardest thing for humans to do nowadays is just relax.

A body not at ease is a body with disease, simple as that. But we all want shortcuts and it is easier just to get a massage and forget about changing anything else because some see it only as a luxury, waiting until it’s too late.

At times, there may be instances where some clients feel intimidated or uncomfortable with a male therapist. Male massage therapists must cultivate trust and empathy, ensuring that each client feels safe and respected throughout the session.

Many clients appreciate the strength and firmness that some male therapists possess, allowing for deeper pressure and muscle release. This intuitive understanding of the body can create a transformative experience for both the therapist and the client.

Clear communication is key in addressing any concerns or anxieties that may arise.

The impression that clients have of a male massage therapist can vary, as societal norms and stereotypes often shape their expectations. However, once on the massage table, the focus shifts from gender to the energy transference and healing power of touch. It is important to recognize that gender does not determine one’s ability to provide a healing touch.

Remember, the massage is about therapeutic healing.

Do not give up on getting into a healthier routine because of bad experiences or arrogant thoughts. It is crucial to acknowledge that some individuals may feel intimidated or uncomfortable receiving massages from male therapists due to personal boundaries or societal conditioning. If you feel any discomfort do not be afraid to speak up, it is your service you can customize.

A massage is more than a luxury.

Ultimately, being a male massage therapist offers an opportunity to challenge preconceived notions and provide a healing touch with compassion and professionalism.

Through this dedication to treating the client’s well-being, male therapists can positively impact their clients’ physical and emotional health. Empathy plays a significant role in addressing these concerns by creating a safe and welcoming environment for all clients.

So, I hope I cleared some things up for you to feel more comfortable to get a massage from a male massage therapist or if you’re looking to become one! Book a massage and try one by me to see for yourself!

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