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What's With This Weird Looking Scarab Beetle?

Updated: Apr 13

The Retti yantra, also known as a Scarab Beetle, holds great significance as an ancient symbol representing the Egyptian God of creation, transcendence, and rebirth, Khepri. It serves as a powerful reminder of our ability to transform and create something out of nothing, much like the dung beetle recycles feces for sustenance. We are quick to judge and fear what we don't know, but how will we ever know anything without first taking a step into the unknown? In order to receive knowledge, your mind must first be open to accept it.

The beetle's resemblance to the split in our skull serves as a metaphor for the mind's incredible willpower to raise our chakras and transform ourselves. By activating the ancestors or DNA within us through a healthy lifestyle, we can become masters of our own lives, drawing inspiration from the mythologies of Egypt and other cultures to help connect our modern day confusion to ancient spiritual technology because we all know the story but our ego chooses how its being told or to even know it. You can never be too healthy in this day and age and our health reflects on our spiritual conscious capacity to see messages behind patterns or symbols. No belief is superior than the next, especially if it's a belief and not the sense of knowing. Your belief is yours through how the ego chooses to express God through you. We are all expressions of God, so what is there to fight over? No one needs to entirely agree with something that is impossible to explain, the purpose is to share your expression or explaination not to fight over it. To deem something evil that is actually promoting peace in a different language or culture is arrogant and prejudice. There is no religion higher than the truth.

The term "Retti" itself holds deep meaning, standing for Righteousness Everlasting Thoroughly Thoughtful Indivisible. This symbolizes the pursuit of righteousness and eternal wisdom through thoughtful introspection. The sun-disk in the symbol represents our chakras, uplifting us from fear and guiding us towards enlightenment.

The presence of the two snakes on each side of the symbol represents the delicate balance between mortal and spiritual energies, much like the concept of yin and yang. These snakes also symbolize the interplay between electric calcium and magnetic Iron energies, reminding us of the importance of harmony and equilibrium in our lives.

The colorful wings of the scarab beetle in the yantra represent our activated chakras, signifying our spiritual growth and transformation. The shape of the beetle itself mirrors the structure of our cranial skull, reminding us of the profound connection between our physical and spiritual selves.

At the bottom of the yantra, the beetle is depicted holding a shen, which symbolizes the womb of eternity. This image is reminiscent of the top of an ankh and the ohm symbol, representing the energy resistance between our spirit and body. It is a reminder of the eternal nature of our existence and the potential for spiritual growth.

The awareness yellow ribbon and the green lantern symbol, derived from the same concept of the Retti yantra, further emphasize the importance of embracing this symbol. By embracing truth, we prepare ourselves for the present moment and every moment that follows, until our very last moment in the body. So, "Get ready". We recognize that time is not meant to be wasted, but rather serves as a measure of our growth and potential.

In essence, our lives are like movies, and it is time to take ourselves seriously and play our part. Retti offers us the opportunity to make a difference individually and collectively. It reminds us that everything in existence is made of purposeful and transcendent energy, urging us to embrace our power to create and transform.

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